About Me

I am many things. But for the purpose of this Blog the important things are I’m an Actor, a Voiceover Artist, a Facilitator, a friend and an absolute LOVER of the chat.

WHY AM I DOING IT? When I was told I’d have to go on full vocal rest for 2 weeks I thought there is no way I can do that!!! Then it sunk in, I was having an operation on my voice, the very part of me that my livelihood depends on. What I hadnt considered was how much of my identity I had attributed to my voice. So while navigating my way through this, I thought I needed a way to document it for me and to give me something fun to focus on along the way.

With the hope of also documenting the sound of my voice I am going to record as many of the blog posts as I can and then this will happen…… 

I explain a little more about my reasons for the blog HERE.

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